Park Street has an integrated asset management platform that performs due diligence, analysis, asset management, restructuring and other support services for the Funds it advises and to the assets acquired by these Funds.


To the Funds advised by Park Street, it provides the services including due diligence and valuation, financial services and reporting, income and property tax compliance, currency and interest rate hedging, risk management, information technology development and systems support.

The asset management team at Park Street has extensive experience in servicing performing and sub-performing structured loans, workouts of asset backed portfolios, asset and business restructurings, financing and investing in financial assets backed by real estate assets across a variety of property types, geographies and sectors.

Risk Management


The Funds Park Street advise have around 5 year duration with EUR or USD as base currencies. The investments under management could be denominated across European currencies and potentially have interest rates risk embedded in the financial structures and the mismatches between the asset cash flows and financing.

All such risks and further credit and macro risks across the portfolios are constantly reviewed to identify and execute optimal hedges with the objective of mitigating risks not core to the Fund's performance objectives. The team at Park Street has extensive and successful experience of managing credit, currency, interest rates and wider macro risks for a multi-billion balance sheet European business through the global financial crisis cycle.

Speciality Asset Management

Park Street will seek to work with external partners having specialised asset class expertise and appropriate on-the-ground regional operational platforms. Such operational expertise is key for intensive asset management or asset work-outs that Park Street targets during it's holding of assets, and it seeks to build long term partnerships with external expertise based on specific investment portfolios or strategic sector opportunities.

Continual Exit Monitoring


Our asset management' focus is to stabilise assets making them conducive for long term holders like real money capital or high net worth direct investors. Park Street will provide direct access to such end investors for the assets in collaboration with financing partners. The team at Park Street has deep experience of managing a sell side client franchise and will seek to build a direct investor franchise to facilitate optimal exits for stabilised assets.


Technology and Infrastructure


Park Street firmly believes that by leveraging technology it can create an edge for proactive origination of investment opportunities and in developing a robust risk and asset management platform. Dynamic internal and external tracking of data specific to invested assets, the micro region and sectors associated with investments and targets are combined with news, industry reports and information gathered through informal channels. This is being undertaken in an organised framework, laying the foundation for a long term asset management platform.

Asset Management